Small Business Show & Tell - 91 Magazine

Welcome to the fourth post in my small business blog series 'Show & Tell'. I am thrilled that Caroline Rowland, founder of 91 Magazine, has agreed to share her considerable wisdom as part of my Show & Tell series. Caroline's journey from blogger to indie magazine publisher is really inspiring and has been so heartening to watch. 

Winter's Moon stocks this gorgeous magazine & am delighted to say that the studio features in their S/S 2018 issue - which I was just so chuffed about. 

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Small Business Show & Tell - Handprinted

For the first post in my blog small business series 'Show & Tell' I shared with you a few of the things that have tripped me up and that I have learnt since I started Winter's Moon.  Today it is turn of my wonderful friend Shirley Scott who runs Handprinted.

For a short period Handprinted was based next door to the Winter's Moon studio, Shirley and I became good friends sharing the struggle of running an online business and also a love of the creative stuff. Handprinted sadly needed more space so Shirley moved to a larger premises in Bognor in 2015 and has created a really great business there selling and teaching all things printmaking.

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A little trip to Maison Objet 2018

At numerous times over the past couple of years I have had a 'I want to go to Maison Objet' conversation with a couple of different friends. Maison Objet is a huge trade show in Paris, showcasing interiors and design products from all over the world, and somehow it all felt a little daunting so I never quite got there. Then at the end of last year my friend Alys & I gave ourselves a talking to and decided to just bloody well go. So we did!

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Small Business Show & Tell - Winter's Moon

Over the several years I have been running Winter's Moon I have come to realise what an invaluable resource it is having friends who are self-employed to talk to. To learn from, get motivated by and also help keep your, sometimes precarious, small business afloat. I have realised too that the more we share with others, the more we learn.

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A pilgrimage to Merchant & Mills

I have a dear sister Caroline who lives a very long way away in New Zealand, our family are really fortunate to see her most years and, in the build up to her arrival, we make lots of plans. This year, very high on the agenda was a visit to the Merchant & Mills shop in Rye. 

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