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A little trip to Maison Objet 2018

At numerous times over the past couple of years I have had a 'I want to go to Maison Objet' conversation with a couple of different friends. Maison Objet is a huge trade show in Paris, showcasing interiors and design products from all over the world, and somehow it all felt a little daunting so I never quite got there. Then at the end of last year my friend Alys & I gave ourselves a talking to and decided to just bloody well go. So we did!

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A Little Trip to Granada

We were very lucky to be able to get away for a few days recently to Granada, a gorgeous Moorish city in Andalucia, Spain. Pete, my husband, and I had been a looooong time ago, but this time we were going back with our daughter Tess. It is a very decorative place and for those pattern lovers out there, there is lots to feast your eyes on, so I thought a few pics might be of interest.

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Curve balls & How to Survive Them When you are self-employed

So, I will start at the beginning...which in this sorry tale is the first day of the school summer holidays. My day had started very positively, I had cycled to our local pool to meet a friend for our early morning swim. The sun was shining, I had a lovely working day ahead, life was good. Within 20 minutes I left the changing rooms in a wheelchair, destined for our local A&E department. 

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