A Little Trip to Granada


We were very lucky to be able to get away for a few days recently to Granada, a gorgeous Moorish city in Andalucia, Spain. Pete, my husband, and I had been a looooong time ago, but this time we were going back with our daughter Tess. It is a very decorative place and for those pattern lovers out there, there is lots to feast your eyes on, so I thought a few pics might be of interest.


The main reason many people visit Granada is to see the Alhambra a Moorish palace with wonderful Islamic decoration and gardens, and seeing it again was top of our list too. If you do ever get there, my one word of advice would be book tickets when you book your trip. We were lucky and managed to book a guided tour a week before we arrived - but all tickets were pretty much sold out weeks in advance. When we last visited in the late 80's I don't recall even buying a ticket...I think we just wandered in!


Whilst the Alhambra building is amazing, it was the decorative details that I really enjoyed. Endless walls of highly decorative tile and fresco work, much of it original. The rooms got steadily more ornate as we worked our way through the network of rooms where the Sultan held court and accomodated his harem!


There are endless courtyards with fountains and amazing gardens stretching up onto the hills. October was the perfect time to go - warm enough but not an exhausting heat. Granada itself has lots to offer too, wonderful tapas, a great old Moorish quarter called the Albacin, where we stayed, that is basically a maze of tiny cobbled streets with lots of delights tucked away.

It was a lovely escape, we came home feeling very rested - partly due to a visit here - and would thoroughly recommend Granada as a place to unwind, take a breath and step off the merry-go-round for a while!