A new way to play with colour

colour pattern moodboard

A little while ago I started taking photos of...well....things! It started as a way to try to work out product / display possibilities - what would work with what and what wouldn't. What started as just a way to record ideas, seems to have developed into something a little bit addictive.

plywood formica yellow ticking

This one above was my first, I did it to help me choose a ticking from a range of samples....needless to say I ended up going with the most expensive, not sure how I always manage that! But i wanted to see how the colours and scale of stripes worked in comparison with each other. It was a useful process, it then became something I could put on Instagram which is always a bonus!

vintage yellow fabric textiles pattern

This one was in preparation for opening my studio for a big taa-daaa....trying to work out which lampshades I should make and how the gorgeous cards by Eloise Renouf would fit alongside.

teal blue pattern vintage retro scandi moodboard
yellow vintage pattern heals textiles moodboard

And now....well now it is something that I really enjoy as a way of playing creatively and exploring what items might work together. It's like a puzzle, starting with one piece and then trying different directions. Who knows, I might get bored of it in a couple of weeks, or I might still be playing in a years time. I am using the hashtag #wmcolourplay on Instagram, so you can see how I get on!