Power of Making at the V&A

I had the joy of going to see the new Power of Making exhibition at the V&A this weekend, and it was one of those exhibitions that makes you just feel happy in your soul.

The main theme of the show is 'the importance of being skilled', so for anyone who enjoys making either professionally or as a hobby the show will have resonance.  You come away with the feeling that practising, learning and developing your craft is a fundamental part of being human.

The range of exhibits and techniques on show is very eclectic from the Alphabet Tip pencils above by Dalton Ghetti to very functional pieces such as prosthetic limbs, wooden bicycles and a fantastic crocheted bear by Shauna Richardson.

I am hoping to go again with kids this time as any show that includes the Mr Fox puppet from Wes Andersens Fantastic Mr Fox and a giant gorilla made from silver coathangers isn't just for grown ups. Making is good....go see it!