Take A Seat!

vintage chairs

It's easy to forget the furniture that has come and gone through our doors and we thought it might be nice to have a gallery of some of the chairs that we have given a new lease of life to.

It's tricky to imagine how a fabric will look made up on a piece of furniture, scale and pattern repeat play as big a part as colour. We tend to lay the fabric over the chair and pin it in situ when deciding on what to use where - then there is a lot of standing and looking & "what do you think?" "not sure, what do you think".

The fabrics shown here are from Annabel Grey and our own collection of vintage fabrics. The red design bottom left is Peter Hall's 'Verdure' for Heals, and the multicoloured design top right is by Boras. The other two are unknowns - but we love them none the less.

We have a gazillion chairs (that's no exaggeration) waiting to be transformed so hopefully there will be more to add to our gallery in the next few months.