A Wonder Book of Stitchery & Craft!


  Winter's Moon is very spoilt with the loveliest customers. One of the very loveliest sent me this book as a present as she know that I love my oddities & my textiles, and this book has projects that wholeheartedly tick both boxes.

I am actually quite hankering after the rug on the wall in the back of the cover shot - it has something a little Josef Franck about it - but I doubt I have the skill or endurance to actually make one.I really like the display images like this one above. Pegboard, weird woollen creations and the painted faces are a look that works for me.  The book has some very good practical projects & some that wouldn't necessarily get included in a contemporary craft book 'Plastics In The Oven' being one & 'Here Are Some Projects Dad Might Not Think He Can Do - But He Can!' are two that stand out!

Needless to say this is a book that is going on the shelf to be dipped into & enjoyed for a long time to come.....thanks Anne!