It's all a matter of proportion!

shade 35x35

We have made a few custom shades recently & the question of size & proportion always arises. I took a few images of different size shades for my customer's use & my own records but thought they may be useful to other folk too.

Please excuse the brown paper method, but it worked! The other tricky factor when making the shades up is that not all fabrics are wide enough to make up the larger sizes, so that's another hurdle to overcome sometimes. For our shades in Nasturtium the fabric panels have to be printed up the length of the fabric.

Anyway this isn't the most stimulating of blog posts but hope it may be useful to others out there & if you are interested in a bespoke shade please get in touch.

Finally this was a recent bespoke beauty....45cm diameter by 40 cm case you're curious!