Our Little Studio


We are a nosey pair & love to see where other folk work & live, so thought that there might be similarly nosey people out there who would like to see our studio.

We used to have a much smaller space - a room in  lovely listed building next to the Cathedral in Chichester, but the problem with furniture is it takes up space, so we outgrew it in no time at all.  After much hunting a space came up at a building we have coveted from afar for a long time...partly due to the lovely typeface on the front.

The building is part of a builder's yard built the 50's, and most of the building is as it was then.

It is still owned by the 'son' referred to in the name - who is the loveliest landlord we could have found.  They made this...

Into this....

We have a dedicated space for photography

And, just as essential, a dedicated space for boxes upstairs...

The image at the top of the post is our office within the studio, where we wrap orders, do textiley things, and stay warm in the winter. The rest of the space is taken up with furniture at various stages of the process of being ready to go on our site or waiting to be sent out for delivery.

We hope to have an open studio weekend in June / July - so if you would like to come along, pop your name on our mailing list & we will keep you posted!